How do I pay?

Enroll online and you will be issued a membership code. Each time you enroll into a class, use your code and the site will show you a zero charge.

Two payment options are available:

  • OPTION 1: Payment in full: $1,200
  • OPTION 2: 12 monthly payments of $125
Can I attend any class as many times as I want?

Yes, all Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun classes (Level 1-3 and Orientations) are included.

Excludes: Private Lessons, Competition Events, and Specialized Training (CCW, vehicle, etc.)

How many classes can I attend?

18 different Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun classes. See our listing here.

Do I pay anything when I get to the range?
NO. Grab all your gear and ammo and well see you at the range!
Is my membership transferable?
Sorry. Memberships are non-transferable.
Can I bring someone with me if there not a member?
Additional non-member attendees must be enrolled online separately and pay all class fees.
How many people have to be enrolled in a class for it to be held?
A two (2) student minimum is required or each class, otherwise it will be considered a private lesson.
Do I have to bring my own equipment?
Yes. Please see the recommended Equipment List page.
Do I have to bring my own ammunition?
Yes. The amount of ammunition required is list in the description section for each class.
I'm on the website and I want to book a class. How do I do it?
  1. Locate the desired class and click "BOOK"
  2. Select an available date and time
  3. Select the number of persons
  4. A box will appear for each person. Under "Person", select "Add promo or discount code"
  5. Enter your membership number (sent to you at time of membership purchase). The cost of the class will be updated to reflect no charge.