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Our students are looking for a skill at arms that is far superior to the average gun owning citizen. We don’t care if you’re a corporate CEO, a homemaker with five children or a student going to college. As long as you are motivated to get better…
we can help you achieve want you want!

Classes start with the assumption that each student knows nothing about firearms and advances all the way to shooting on the

move from cover or concealment in later courses.

Our time tested method of training incorporates a building block curriculum to make even the most novice student comfortable with operating a firearm. We will train you to a level that meets or exceeds those taught to police officers, soldiers & Competitive shooters.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Where does Gunshots Academy train?

Firearms training takes place in two (2) locations

Classroom instruction is conducted at Krav Maga Rancho Cucamonga located in Rancho Cucamonga
Live Fire training is conducted at Lytle Creek Firing Line located in Lytle Creek.

Directions and map locations can be found in the main top menu under "Training Facilities".

2How do I get to the classroom or to the live fire range at Lytle Creek?

Directions and map locations can be found in the main top menu under "Training Facilities".

3Am I required to bring a firearm for my first class?

You do not need to bring a firearm to the Handgun Orientation. A handgun along with fifty (50) rounds of ammunition will be provided for you during Handgun training.

Requirements for other classes are listed in the description section of each class.

4What am I required to bring?

A list of required and optional equipment for each class is provided in our Equipment List section.

Gunshots Academy is the Inland Empire’s premiere firearms training group. We offer all levels of handgun, rifle, and shotgun training.