Whether you’re looking to protect yourself or your entire family, it’s important to be a well-informed gun owning citizen. This means going through regular handgun training and always looking for ways to stay safe when using firearms. You can count on Gunshots Academy in Inland Empire to provide top-of-the-line firearms training.

Handgun Training For First-Time Shooters

Did you recently purchase a gun but aren’t sure how to go about getting started with training? Handgun orientation at Gunshots Academy is geared toward those wanting familiarity and comfort with their firearm. Students learn how to safely handle, load, and fire a semi-automatic pistol. Please note that students must provide their own ammunition for the gun they will be using during their handgun training.

Handgun Training – Level One

Once you have gone through a handgun beginner course, you’re ready to take the next step in your firearms training. The Level One course at Gunshots Academy is all about helping students draw from the holster, return to the holster, perform emergency reloads, and clear stoppages. As with our other courses, students are required to bring their own equipment and ammunition.

Handgun Training – Level Two

One of our more intensive firearms training sessions, our Level Two class ties in basic handgun skills with defensive shooting skills. Focal points will be tactical communication steps, situational awareness methods, mindset, and threat identification. Those who successfully complete our Level Two session qualify for the final course in our handgun training series.

Handgun Training – Level Three

Our Level Three handgun training course is reserved for advanced firearms students. The goal of this fast-paced session is to survive a deadly force encounter with a handgun. Students will be put through a number of defensive handgun drills designed to increase time on target and performance.

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