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4 Firearms Myths That Bad Guys Believe And You Shouldn’t

One in Five Households WILL Experience a Home Invasion or Break In… Are You Ready?

Dear Fellow American,

1:43 AM – You wake up, startled by the sharp sound of breaking glass.

Then a thud… another thud… and a final thud gives you the clue a team of home invaders are now inside your residence.

Your worst fear… realized.

Sure, you knew your neighborhood had been hit before.

So you got prepared.

Now you’re a responsible gun owner.

You’ve trained a bit, you’re a decent shot.

But your mind races…

Your kids are sound asleep in their bedrooms… your wife is in the bed next to you… and they all depend on your decisions in the next few minutes.

But your breathing labors, your vision narrows, your body trembles with fear.

Not fear of the bad guys… but fear of what could happen to your family if you don’t get this right.

You open the biometric gun safe on your night stand and rack a round into the chamber of your handgun.

Tiptoeing to the door, you crack it open to assess the situation.

Down the hall, the outline of three men, two armed with their handguns and one with a shotgun are whispering and flashing hand signs.

You’re hopelessly outgunned… and one spots you peering out of your doorway.

It’s game time.

Not just for you – but for the bad guys too.

Bad guys with nothing to lose… scum who’s totally fine with hurting, even killing anyone who stands in their way.

So how does the story end?

Play it out in your head… you know it won’t end pretty.

Sadly, for many it doesn’t.

In fact, according to the FBI, almost 2.2 million homes experienced a home invasion in the U.S. in 2011.

When you do the math, 20% of Americans will become victims of this crime at some point in time.

And even more frightening, 60% of all rapes happen during home invasions.

It’s time you face up to the fact your pistol isn’t enough to defend your family.

After all, how do you think your 16 rounds will fare against their 37?

And what happens if you’re in a non-gun friendly state and only have a 10 round magazine?

Think you’ll intimidate the bad guys with your pistol?

Think again…

Even though some stats show a defender shooting one round and missing usually gets the bad guy to turn tail and run, it’s a different story with a committed attacker.

They won’t stop just because they hear a bang.

They’ll keep coming, and coming and coming.

So you’ll have to take them out, without mercy if they do.

But that’s not as easy as it sounds, even if you’re one heck of a shot.

In fact, it could take anywhere between 5 and 10 hollow-point rounds from a handgun hitting center mass to take down one committed bad guy.

So if you were lucky, your 16 rounds theoretically could take them all out.

If you’re not… maybe you only stop one threat.

And the others could be high as a kite and bent on revenge.

A handgun clearly isn’t up to the task.

And if you were armed with a shotgun… well, you’re down to 3-5 rounds against 37.

(That’s just one of many problems with using a shotgun for home defense…keep reading for more…)

Not exactly good odds.

As violence is skyrocketing all over the country, and home invasions are in the news almost daily… you need more effective firepower and better tactics if you’re serious about defending your family from threats.

Which is why the AR-15 style carbine, also known as the Modern Sporting Rifle, should be your weapon of choice to defend your home and loved ones.

Because when a handgun can take 5-10 shots to neutralize a committed threat, a carbine only takes 1-3!

Look, if you’re concerned about overpenetration of rifle rounds, as many folks are, a pistol or shotgun has been shown through testing to be far worse than an AR-15.


As I’ll show you shortly, a .223/5.56 round tends to fragment on impact.

Of course these fragments can still be dangerous, but their potential for injury or penetration into other walls is far lower than a pistol or shotgun.

But, with new self-defense rounds in .223 caliber, made for minimizing overpenetration, an AR-15 is even safer for your family and neighbors too.

According to Guns and Ammo, “Drywall sheets and hollow-core doors (which are what you’ll find in the majority of homes and apartments in this country) offer almost no resistance to bullets.

Now that I’ve busted that myth, here is why a Modern Sporting Rifle is THE superior weapon for home defense.

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Todd Widick
Todd Widick
Todd Widick served six years with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. He currently holds instructor certifications with the California Department of Justice in Pistol and the National Rifle Association in Pistol, Rifle, and shotgun. Todd is gunshot trauma trained and a certified CCW instructor for the states of Utah & Florida. He also holds a Class 1 Federal Firearms license.

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